Tuesday, October 13, 2009

There was once a woman and man that worked in a school from Noel, Missouri. Noel is a very small town if you blink you will miss it all. The woman’s name was Barb and the man’s name was Justin. They both were cooks. The name of the week in their school was “So Random” They were getting ready for Halloween. The cooks were in the cafeteria preparing for lunch. Since it was almost Halloween, they were thinking how to make some of their foods look creepy or freaky lookin’. So they started thinking of different of ways to make their cookies and sandwiches. They made their cookies with pumpkins and orange sprinkles. They cut the bread for the sandwiches like pumpkins and their napkins had black cats and ghosts on them. Then someone came on the intercom. It was a teacher, her name was Mrs. Davidson. She was telling everyone something that her 3rd graders had come up with for the week. Her class had been thinking of little sayings that would go along with the theme of the week she said she would share one of the sayings after lunch. So… Everyone couldn’t wait until after lunch. They all started about thinking about what she would say after lunch was over. So everyone went to 4th hour and couldn’t wait until next hour. (5th hour is always lunch when you are in junior high) So they worked on their projects that they had to do in that class. Then the bell rang and it was 5th hour. They took their purses into their next class and their books and went to lunch. Then someone got onto the intercom and everyone got quiet.

The lady said “I didn’t know there really were ghosts and goblins and things that go bump in the night.” Then she was off of the intercom. Everyone looked around and then someone said “that’s it?” She walked out of the office and said “Yeah, since it so random week. I got on the intercom and said that saying and got off isn’t that so random!?!?” Replied Mrs. Davidson. Then everyone answered her with a “YEAH” Then everyone got done with lunch and before you knew it everyone was out of school and trick-or-treating!!



  1. Good Job, my story is much different.

  2. Your blog is Cool but why did you follow your own blog.

  3. Happy Halloween Natosha.