Thursday, December 17, 2009

the Christmas......

So you are coming with mom tomorrow to pick us up?? I can't wait until tomorrow when we get to home. I cant wait to see what we get for Christmas!! :) I miss you and mom, and dad, and papa. I miss the dogs and everyone.... I want to know where we are going with dad's mom and dad. Well... i cant wait until tomorrow... I love you bye... talk to you tomorrow

This weekend.....

We get to go back to our mom's tomorrow... my dad said that he doesn't want us for Christmas because of all of our lies. I don't know how we lied but i know that us four kids are going to have a good 3 weeks with our mom. My dad's lawyer said that we can go to our mom's tomorrow and come back whenever school starts back up since we have Christmas break... so we get to see our mom and stay with our mom for 3 weeks and they are going to be wonderful. So my mom will pick us up tomorrow, when car riders and walkers leave and we will stay with her until the 5th when we come back to school and then we will ride the bus home to our dad's. But the 3 weeks that we stay with our mom is going to be great.... and i know that we can be very hard to control at times but i apologize for anything and everything that we have caused for nana, and mom, and dad, and papa. Thank you guys for everything that you have done and thank you for letting us have a good Christmas.... (for the 25th)!! I love and miss you nana, papa, dad, and mom see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tha very sad and bad day! :(

When my mom picked us up on Friday... i was expecting that it was going to be a good day but come to find out... My MOST favorite dog got shot by the stupid neighbors and my uncle Bill passed away. And the weekend was kind of a depressing weekend. No one really done anything except going to the doctor and going to work... but, personally i had fun and was thankful that i went to see my mom and nana. My nana has been taking it hard because that was her brother that passed away and everyone has been coming to her house and talking to her and making sure she is okay. Then also over the weekend Jenny (uncle Bill's daughter) stole his bill fold and was being immature about the whole thing. She took the money for his funeral and burial to... If it was my daddy i would make sure that he had the money he needed and not put my mom or my step mom under pressure right after she lost her husband.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thank You......

Thank you mom and nana for coming to school today. I can't wait for tomorrow. I hope that dad feels good enough to go... :( I hope you get to feeling better dad. :) I wonder what my presents are under the tree?? I tried to get my nana and mom to tell me but they would only tell me the shapes, i would like them, and i would use them... oh, and also that i needed them but i need everything that i see lol!! :) We get to open one present tomorrow i cant wait until tomorrow!! I did just what i said i was going to i fell into my mom and nana's arms and started crying... ;( Well, i dont know what else to say WAIT!!! WAIT!!!! Yes i do Tomorrow, Tomorrow i love ya tomorrow, your only a day away... Off of one of my favorite movies!! Well, that is truly all i have to say so goodbye until tomorrow wait i wont be in this class tomorrow i will be going home early tomorrow so... talk to you Monday, December 14th, 2009. Eleven days until Christmas!! Everyone have a happy and merry Christmas because i know i am going to. I LOVE MY FAMILY!! They are #1!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

To my BEAUTIFUL mommy!! =D

Mom i love you so much and i can't wait until Friday. I miss you so much and i can't wait to see you. I am going to wrap my arms around you and never let go!! Thank you for leaving comments on my blog and i enjoyed from hearing from you and nana. Nana said she was going to come with you to pick us up or to see me on Thursday.I can't wait to see you, dad, nana, and papa. I even want to see my eye popping Beetle and Cricket and Delphie and especially my fat boy (Azzie). I also want to see my Sugar Bear. I also want to see the sheep, chickens, and the pigs... and i usually don't miss them...haha. I just want to see you so much. I know i will see you Friday but i want to see you before if you can make it. I want to see you either at breakfast or lunch so i can feed Chester Cheetah for you...if you still baby sit them. Has Liz been paying you?? Just wondering. Well, i will see you Friday i guess love you. Goodnight and good days until Friday love you bye... Tell nana, papa, and dad that i love and miss them. And kiss all the dogs for me. lol... share an ice cream with them..haha. =-) =D =P

To my lovely nana!!! JUST FOR YOU =D

I love you so much!! I love the way you tell me "baby hun" and the stories that you tell me from whenever i was littler and when i wrote on your car with a rock... SORRY!! But i know you will still love me through everything and anything. I miss you so much so will this mean that you are coming Thursday or i can wait 'til Friday are you coming to get us or mom?? Just wondering?? I miss you so much nana and i cant wait to see you!! I haven't seen you in over a month and it really stinks... I miss your hugs and your kisses and the strawberry shortcakes and also " nana's country kitchen" i miss everything even the pigs,sheep,and chickens.. haha...and your warm home cooked meals and especially "nana's country kitchen" I just want to come home!! Tell me when you guys are coming over either Thursday or i already know you are coming to school Friday...haha. Well... I guess that i will see you Friday. Tell mom, dad,and papa that i love them and miss them and i will see them Friday. And nana i love you with all of my heart good nights and good days and i love you!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Me,myself, and I

I really miss my mom, dad, nana, and papa so much i want to see them sometime this week please!! I miss them SO much right now i could just wrap my arms around them and never let go. My mom gets me, my brothers, and sister this weekend. I can't wait until Friday. Also this weekend on Saturday we might get to go to the big dinner they are having here in Noel. They are having a big Christmas dinner with everything to eat. They will have Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, hot rolls, pop and juice for the littler kids, and coffee for the adults (to give them an extra boost of energy for the day haha) I just cant wait to see my mom, dad, nana, and papa this weekend!!! I cant wait to see my Sugar Bear =D, my Azzie :), My Cricket (to play fetch with), and my eye poppin' Beetle...literally...haha. And i mostly cant wait to see MY big baby/old man dog Axle i miss everyone sooo much. Well, comment mom and nana and papa and dad. And nana can you tell mom to come to the school i need to talk to her and you can come also...PLEASE... do that for me... Thank you nana and mom for reading these messages and tell dad and papa i love and miss them too. I will see you guys this weekend. Mom if you can come Wednesday (tomorrow) or Thursday that would be awesome thank you and have a goodnight sleep and good days to come.

for you mom KISSES and HUGS.. for you nana KISSES and HUGS...for you papa KISSES and HUGS...for you dad KISSES and HUGS!! I LOVE AND MISS YOU ALL VERY MUCH...see you this weekend and hopefully tomorrow or Thursday please come about 12:00 that is when i hace my lunch you can sit and have lunch with me again mom. :P :D :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My story

I miss my mom so much i haven't seen her in 5 weeks or more, and i have to wait about 9 more days. My dad said that she comes to pick us up December 11th and it is to long i wish she would come to school just to talk to me, i would fall into her arms and cry!! Some nights i cry myself to sleep and wonder if this court thing will ever end. If the judge decides to stop taking vacation and pretending that there is a family emergency maybe we could get this all over with! Well, that is all i have to say so goodbye!! Good night mom, dad, nana, and papa, I love and miss you all!!