Monday, March 22, 2010

This is my original picture that i used for my Befunky photo.

my befunky photo :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Twiddla and

In my media class he gave us two websites to go to they were Twiddla and I liked Twiddla the best because you can draw and on you can only type and it gets boring after a little while. I cant do one single thing for a long time so this is why i liked twiddla better than

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My project for media class

My media project, that i am researching for is about becoming a pediatrician. In order to be a pediatrician you have to go to college for atleast 4 years to get a doctorate degree. I am using library books and the internet as my resources. I have learned that it takes a while to learn everything you need to in order to be a pediatrician. You also have to have a masters degree to get a good paying job.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Secret builders..........

In Mr. Chamberlain's class we have been playing a web game called Secret Builders. I haven't had much time to play the game because, i have been having trouble loading the pages and the games. I think that Poptropica was better because, you could travel all over your map and get to go to the games and they would load. I think that the age levels for this game would be 5-18 year olds. Students can learn how to end many stories with the proper grammar. I think it is not educational very much but you can come here to have a fun time and play games.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I want to go back home soooo bad. I dislike my dad very much for doing this, he put us in foster care but, he also did it to his own kids to so haha to him, but i also feel bad for them.... My nana said that i have a kind and gentle heart like my mom. I am glad that i am like my mom she is the best woman in the and i would want to be exactly like her any day. And my nana i cant even begin to explain her. She is perfect all around. She has a good heart and cares about everyone, including herself. She si the best nana you could ever ask for. And my mom has taken after my nana and i love them both. I just want to go home and wrap my arms around them. I hope that court went well today i am going to catiga's house in about 10 minutes and she is going to tell us what is going on... i hope that she says we get to go home.:) Well, let me think and i will have something else to say.... hmmmmmmm...... OH i love you nana, mom, papa, and dad. Dad and mom are you still trying to stop smoking. You know everyone puff takes another second away from your life.Mom you know catiga is she used to work with grandma in headstart, she was also a bus driver but me and emily are doing good. Emily is taking it hard but i am here with her. I just tell her to hope and pray every night. But one good thing is we got 100 dollars of clothes from walmart since we are in foster care, (we enjoyed that :)) Emily feels comfortable in the clothes she bought. She got some new shirts and pants and i helped her pick them out i think they are cute and they give her more of a figure so we are almost to the girl stage mom slowly but we are reaching it.
But Emily knows someone from school that also lives with catiga and Nariah lives with her so we are all good. Her name sounds like Katiya But we are both good just want to go home soon. I love you all and Emily does to and good nights and good mornings and good days. Love you nana, mom, papa, and dad.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A good day until.............

I was having a good day until i went to my dad's house. I either get yelled at or get into trouble over something stupid. Like last night me and my brother Devin got into trouble because, i told him how to put his name on his cup. (we have plastic cups that we keep our names on) And my dad said that he wasn't done with me, so i don't know what to expect when i get to his house now?? So when i get home i might have to do more chores or have to sit down for the night or something like that. I just want to go home and stay at mom's.Mom tell your lawyer that dad doesnt have to pay child support and i love you all nana, papa, mom, and dad.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The day my dreams came true......

I cant believe this My dad said that he would call his lawyer and let us live where ever we wanted... AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! I cant believe this it finally looks like we are going to get to live with our mom finally... .YAY!! I cant wait until this gets done. We don't have to go to court now!!!!!!!!! I will always remember this day. Me and my nana and mom love it!! My nana said that we will have to go somewhere to literally. When she came to school Wednesday she said she was going to jump up on the teachers table and me and Devin would have our heads down like we didnt know her because she was going to be circling her arms and doing the happy dance.hahahaha. Mom please bring my MP3 back to school Monday i will make sure to keep it turned off this Well, it is time to line up for the buses i love you mom, dad, nana, and papa see you next Friday or when you come to visit us at school. Love you and miss you all but not for very long.. :) :P :D Sweet dreams and good nights and days to come!!


My Poptrica Review..........

I have been playing Poptrica for about 3 or 4 days and so far it has me mind puzzled.But, it doesn't take a lot to get me mind Well, i personally like this game and once you get into it and don't just try to get through it as fast as you can it is very adventurous. It keeps your brain working and if i had to name it i would call it " The Brain Teaser" but that is just me. :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My science Fair project is going good so far... I still need to print some things off and glue them to my board but, besides that i am good. I wish i was home though. I hope that the judge gets us into court really fast. I hope you can get into college for cheap mom and hope we make a little bit more money so we can but groceries and still have money to mess around with. I love you mom, dad, nana, and papa very much.I hope that there are many good days to come for everyone and i love and miss you all. see you tomorrow nana and make sure to bring my MP3.... PLEASE.. lol. I love you nana, mom, dad, and papa..... and miss you all.

Monday, January 25, 2010

I miss you all................

I miss you dad, mom, nana, and papa very much. I enjoyed staying with you lastnight to nana, it had been a long time since i had done I love and miss u all time sorry i couldnt type to much time to load the buses. Love you nana and papa and mom and dad.......see you tomorrow when you bring my lunch mom.

Friday, January 15, 2010

My weekend

I don't know if i will have a good weekend or not. I will miss you mom, dad, nana, and papa. And wish emily a happy birthday for me... just think, 11 years ago yesterday she was still in your tummy mommy...:) so just have a happy birthday Emily. And nana i hope u get to feeling better from your bronchitis and when you cough. And tell mom and dad that i demand them to stop smoking this they will anyways. Did you now every puff of a cigarette that you take it takes a second off of your life?... :( But anyways.... and tell papa that i will waiting for him to stop chewing to... Did you know that chewing can give you lip cancer or even stomache or throat cancer if the juice from it is swallowed!?!.....Well, tell everyone that i love and miss them.....thank you all for commenting on my blog.... :) and if you were wondering everyone is doing good.... Emily is excited about going home today and also next weekend.Well i hope everyone is doing okay and has good days to come. I love you all and will miss everyone..... see everyone next weekend i will be praying for everyone especially you nana i want you to feel better and quit that blasted Until next weekend i love you all and miss you.... I KEEP YOU IN MY PRAYERS!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Love You All...everyone and everybody

Hey everyone...i miss you guys already..emily and devin and me were crying lastnight cause we wanted to come home. And dad said that he is keeping us until weekend after next.... he said no one gets picked up this friday at school except emily because you guys traded weekends again. Well....comment me love you guys night tell everyone i miss and love them!! :'( :) bye bye