Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Love You All...everyone and everybody

Hey everyone...i miss you guys already..emily and devin and me were crying lastnight cause we wanted to come home. And dad said that he is keeping us until weekend after next.... he said no one gets picked up this friday at school except emily because you guys traded weekends again. Well....comment me love you guys night tell everyone i miss and love them!! :'( :) bye bye


  1. Sissy I miss you all so much,Nana knows you all want to come home and we want you all here at home.I wish all your tears were gone and you all did not ever have to cry to come home.I will talk to you later and remember that we love you and miss you so much and tell the other 3 that we love and miss them also.Nana and Papa

  2. So how was your first day back at school? I missed all of you yesterday, today and will until you are back home. Maybe these next days will go by fast. Just think happy smiley thoughts and it will help you feel better...:). I love you very much sweetie. I will see you soon.

  3. I commented yesterday but I want to comment again right now so you will read it today.I love and miss you 4 so much.I hope you are having a good day,and I will see you all when I can.I love you and tell the other 3 we love and miss them.Nana