Friday, January 15, 2010

My weekend

I don't know if i will have a good weekend or not. I will miss you mom, dad, nana, and papa. And wish emily a happy birthday for me... just think, 11 years ago yesterday she was still in your tummy mommy...:) so just have a happy birthday Emily. And nana i hope u get to feeling better from your bronchitis and when you cough. And tell mom and dad that i demand them to stop smoking this they will anyways. Did you now every puff of a cigarette that you take it takes a second off of your life?... :( But anyways.... and tell papa that i will waiting for him to stop chewing to... Did you know that chewing can give you lip cancer or even stomache or throat cancer if the juice from it is swallowed!?!.....Well, tell everyone that i love and miss them.....thank you all for commenting on my blog.... :) and if you were wondering everyone is doing good.... Emily is excited about going home today and also next weekend.Well i hope everyone is doing okay and has good days to come. I love you all and will miss everyone..... see everyone next weekend i will be praying for everyone especially you nana i want you to feel better and quit that blasted Until next weekend i love you all and miss you.... I KEEP YOU IN MY PRAYERS!!


  1. Hi sweetie,hope the weekend is ok for you.I will wish Emily a happy b-day for you and your brothers.Nana feels alot better.I wish they would stop smoking also and wish Papa would stop chewing.I am glad that you all are doing ok we always wonder how you 4 are doing.We all love you and your sister and 2 brothers so much and miss you all, and sweetie you all are in my prayers all the time and always on my mind and in my heart.I will see you all this week end.I love and miss you so much.Nana

  2. Hi there Sissy and how was your week-end sweetie?Mom took Emily to the doctor over her stomach hurting and they are not back yet.It isn't a real long time now until Friday and you all can be home again and I will be so happy when it gets here.I told Papa what you said about his dipping.I love and miss you all alot sweetie,I hope you have a good day.I can't hardly wait until Friday---tell the boys we love and miss them.Love you very much.Nana