Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Me,myself, and I

I really miss my mom, dad, nana, and papa so much i want to see them sometime this week please!! I miss them SO much right now i could just wrap my arms around them and never let go. My mom gets me, my brothers, and sister this weekend. I can't wait until Friday. Also this weekend on Saturday we might get to go to the big dinner they are having here in Noel. They are having a big Christmas dinner with everything to eat. They will have Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, hot rolls, pop and juice for the littler kids, and coffee for the adults (to give them an extra boost of energy for the day haha) I just cant wait to see my mom, dad, nana, and papa this weekend!!! I cant wait to see my Sugar Bear =D, my Azzie :), My Cricket (to play fetch with), and my eye poppin' Beetle...literally...haha. And i mostly cant wait to see MY big baby/old man dog Axle i miss everyone sooo much. Well, comment mom and nana and papa and dad. And nana can you tell mom to come to the school i need to talk to her and you can come also...PLEASE... do that for me... Thank you nana and mom for reading these messages and tell dad and papa i love and miss them too. I will see you guys this weekend. Mom if you can come Wednesday (tomorrow) or Thursday that would be awesome thank you and have a goodnight sleep and good days to come.

for you mom KISSES and HUGS.. for you nana KISSES and HUGS...for you papa KISSES and HUGS...for you dad KISSES and HUGS!! I LOVE AND MISS YOU ALL VERY MUCH...see you this weekend and hopefully tomorrow or Thursday please come about 12:00 that is when i hace my lunch you can sit and have lunch with me again mom. :P :D :)

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  1. Hi there and again what a great story,and Na Na &Pa Pa misses you and the other 3 so much and will be so happy when it is Friday and Na Na can give you a big hug and you me and this dinner that you are talking about sounds very good.Yes and I will tell your Mom and I have been reading your messages since you started your blog and you are very welcome.I will tell Pa Pa what you said.I will give your message to your Mom I will come over there with her.I love you and miss you very much and I hope you have good days.