Thursday, December 17, 2009

This weekend.....

We get to go back to our mom's tomorrow... my dad said that he doesn't want us for Christmas because of all of our lies. I don't know how we lied but i know that us four kids are going to have a good 3 weeks with our mom. My dad's lawyer said that we can go to our mom's tomorrow and come back whenever school starts back up since we have Christmas break... so we get to see our mom and stay with our mom for 3 weeks and they are going to be wonderful. So my mom will pick us up tomorrow, when car riders and walkers leave and we will stay with her until the 5th when we come back to school and then we will ride the bus home to our dad's. But the 3 weeks that we stay with our mom is going to be great.... and i know that we can be very hard to control at times but i apologize for anything and everything that we have caused for nana, and mom, and dad, and papa. Thank you guys for everything that you have done and thank you for letting us have a good Christmas.... (for the 25th)!! I love and miss you nana, papa, dad, and mom see you tomorrow.

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  1. Natosha I am SOOO happy that you kids get to come home for the whole Christmas vacation and Sissy you do not apologize to me or any of us here at home and Sissy you 4 kids are not hard to control you guys have never been any thing but joy and lots of love.Sweetie you all have not lied and as far as your Dad saying that he does not want you kids for Christmas because of lies you 4 have told, Nana knows that has hurt you 4 very much because you all have been going through so much and now your Dad tells you kids that I am so sorry he talks that way to you but you kids just think about how much we love you and how much fun we will have here at home and Sissy please do not ever apologize to me, Papa,your Mom or Dad Matt for anything babe cuz you kids have not caused us any thing sweetheart except happiness to be so blessed with having you 4 kids and you always remember that and that we love you 4 more than anything in the world and Nana will be so glad when this is over for you kids and you bet we are going to have a wonderful Christmas .I will see you 4 tomorrow.I love you and tell the other 3 that for us and I miss you all very much 2+2=4 2luv4ever.I love you sweetie.Nana