Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thank You......

Thank you mom and nana for coming to school today. I can't wait for tomorrow. I hope that dad feels good enough to go... :( I hope you get to feeling better dad. :) I wonder what my presents are under the tree?? I tried to get my nana and mom to tell me but they would only tell me the shapes, i would like them, and i would use them... oh, and also that i needed them but i need everything that i see lol!! :) We get to open one present tomorrow i cant wait until tomorrow!! I did just what i said i was going to i fell into my mom and nana's arms and started crying... ;( Well, i dont know what else to say WAIT!!! WAIT!!!! Yes i do Tomorrow, Tomorrow i love ya tomorrow, your only a day away... Off of one of my favorite movies!! Well, that is truly all i have to say so goodbye until tomorrow wait i wont be in this class tomorrow i will be going home early tomorrow so... talk to you Monday, December 14th, 2009. Eleven days until Christmas!! Everyone have a happy and merry Christmas because i know i am going to. I LOVE MY FAMILY!! They are #1!!

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  1. You are very welcome and no thank you needed it was my pleasure to be there with you and wish it was everyday,yes you did start crying but they were happy tears the best kind to have if,that song your Mom use to sing all the time so like mother like daughter.We will see you tomorrow and your brothers and sister.We love you,and the other 3 and you all are #1.We love you--- Nana