Wednesday, December 9, 2009

To my lovely nana!!! JUST FOR YOU =D

I love you so much!! I love the way you tell me "baby hun" and the stories that you tell me from whenever i was littler and when i wrote on your car with a rock... SORRY!! But i know you will still love me through everything and anything. I miss you so much so will this mean that you are coming Thursday or i can wait 'til Friday are you coming to get us or mom?? Just wondering?? I miss you so much nana and i cant wait to see you!! I haven't seen you in over a month and it really stinks... I miss your hugs and your kisses and the strawberry shortcakes and also " nana's country kitchen" i miss everything even the pigs,sheep,and chickens.. haha...and your warm home cooked meals and especially "nana's country kitchen" I just want to come home!! Tell me when you guys are coming over either Thursday or i already know you are coming to school Friday...haha. Well... I guess that i will see you Friday. Tell mom, dad,and papa that i love them and miss them and i will see them Friday. And nana i love you with all of my heart good nights and good days and i love you!!

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  1. I love you so much and miss you.No sorry on writing on my car with a rock you gave me a car autographed with your name and to be so young you did a wonderful job on writing that BIG LONG name WITH A ROCK--haha,and yes sweetie I will always love you through everything and anything---you bet that means I will be there tomorrow with your Mom and I know how much you want to be home and I know how much you miss everything about being here at home and all about that nana's country kitchen.I love you and I will see you Thursday and then on Friday-Sat.and Sun.Good nights and good days to you baby hun and I loveyou with all my heart and miss you and I will see you Thursday.NANA