Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tha very sad and bad day! :(

When my mom picked us up on Friday... i was expecting that it was going to be a good day but come to find out... My MOST favorite dog got shot by the stupid neighbors and my uncle Bill passed away. And the weekend was kind of a depressing weekend. No one really done anything except going to the doctor and going to work... but, personally i had fun and was thankful that i went to see my mom and nana. My nana has been taking it hard because that was her brother that passed away and everyone has been coming to her house and talking to her and making sure she is okay. Then also over the weekend Jenny (uncle Bill's daughter) stole his bill fold and was being immature about the whole thing. She took the money for his funeral and burial to... If it was my daddy i would make sure that he had the money he needed and not put my mom or my step mom under pressure right after she lost her husband.


  1. Natosha yes the weekend was as you say kind of depressing with the death of your Uncle Bill but you kids being home made it a great weekend and yes Azzie getting shot was a bad thing and I knew you kids would be hurt by that,Nana is doing okay so you just remember even though Uncle Bill is gone from here that he is home with Jesus and that makes me happy to know that he is so the hurt will heal and I was thankful to have you 4 kids home and wish you 4 was home everydayI enjoyed your story as I do each and every one you do---keep up the good work and you have a wonderful day and remember I love you with all my heart and I miss you kids so much and of course Papa does to.We love you---Nana and Papa

  2. I already checked your blog to see what interesting stuff you had on today but it was to early so I will check back later today.I hope you have a good day.I love you and miss you Natosha.Nana